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His One and Only

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son… We all know this verse very well. But it never dawned on me that He gave His one and only son. I know that sounds obvious. Allow me to bring us on a ride He brought me through. Since a few months ago, I have been musing over the various hurdles hindering the next generation from heading out into the field. From the many conversations I had, and a quick survey we did at P4M, Parents emerged as the most salient hindering factor. I do want to tread carefully here and admit upfront that my thought piece is not to pin any blame on parents but to show the Father’s heart for us. Here is the first point I am trying to drive across: have

Heavenly Panic and Earthly Peace

The angels gathered for their weekly council. The plan for the ages was at a critical stage. The time was close now and the plan had been long in place. Now as the wait was almost over…there was high anxiety in the emergency room! Q: Will the men get it right? Zechariah… Yes, that man. Angel Gabriel’s top assignment! Will this old Levite and priest get it right? Well, we got him on the roster to come into the Holy Place. But will he get the message? The suspense was palpable and the flutter of wings whirring at high speed! Will Gabriel’s message hit home? Will this old man be delighted? After all those years of trying…and praying…surely he will whoop with joy! But Zechariah sputtered, “What

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