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Heavenly Panic and Earthly Peace

The angels gathered for their weekly council. The plan for the ages was at a critical stage.

The time was close now and the plan had been long in place. Now as the wait was almost over…there was high anxiety in the emergency room!

Q: Will the men get it right?

Zechariah… Yes, that man. Angel Gabriel’s top assignment! Will this old Levite and priest get it right? Well, we got him on the roster to come into the Holy Place. But will he get the message? The suspense was palpable and the flutter of wings whirring at high speed! Will Gabriel’s message hit home? Will this old man be delighted? After all those years of trying…and praying…surely he will whoop with joy!

But Zechariah sputtered, “What now, me have a son, a boy? You must be kidding, right? You know how many years of disappointment Elizabeth and I suffered! Are you mocking us?”

Angel Gabriel was astounded! “YOU don’t believe me. Your boy is going to be The Voice crying in the desert!”

And the heavenly hosts were horrified and miffed, “He didn’t get it! All the years of waiting and trying…now the gift comes when least expected! When faith is almost extinguished like a flame on a flickering wick? Surely, you Zechariah, the priest, must keep faith as you bear the hopes and prayers in the Most Holy Presence.”


“You shall not speak until the Voice cries at birth.”


Q: Will the men ever get it right?

Joseph. He’s next on the agenda.

Well, Joseph. He was a regular guy - just and silent type. He was close to getting his bride. Then Mary came with news! Could he bring the date forward? Something was visibly wrong? What was a man supposed to think? Mary was his pick all along – a simple but worthy one. But what was he to make of this note from her – she was chosen to usher in the Son of the Most High. She pleaded to please help, come quick and bring forward the planned date! What was inconceivable was already conceived.

[Hush! Will this man get it?]

He couldn’t wrap this around his head: ‘Hey, is she is fooling around? Or is she making me a fool?’

The angels were aghast! ‘Oh, no! Joseph. Breaking up with her quietly is not in the script! This calls for plan B. He is in shock…let’s re-project the script. Put him to sleep. Quick! Let’s slip into his dream the ancient script. Scroll down the prophet Isaiah’s “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.” When he awakes, all will be clearer? He will rise and do what is just and right!’

Yes, he did do what is just and right, covering her from scandal and shame before it was too late. Fetched her from Judea and to Nazareth…there she was safe as his new bride and less gossips!

Angels sighed with relief! Yes, that did it!


Q: How will these men get it?

The Wise Ones from the east…I mean the nations! The wise ones had been searching the skies for years. Finally, three saw…The Star of David! Many searched the skies for signs and only these three were keen enough to take to the road in search of the Son of David!

Finally, the three arrived in Jerusalem. But no one knew about the birth! How could that be? The sign was as clear as the Star. Did they get it wrong? There was not a David on the throne. Herod played the cool guy! ‘Where could he be? Search the ancient script,’ he ordered. ‘Let’s find him…maybe I will come too…to worship him?’

The heavenly council hushed!

Q: Will these men get it? After all their years of preparation, will they reach the city of David only to blow it! The hope of the nations rests on these three. Will they get to worship the One, born King of the Jews, who will bring justice to the nations?

After all the heavenly staging of the Star, are they going to blow it? What makes them think Herod will worship this One born to be the King!

Men back to the Star station and to your silent night journey! The final word of the ancient script pointed to just outside that city – to a lowly hamlet, Bethlehem!

Get the Star out! Steady! Angels held their breath…The spotlight fell on a quiet abode where the three came to rest. They got it!

What a relief and how unbelievable – No palace? Just a plain home: a peasant, wife and their little one! This child - the King, the Hope of all nations!

The weariness of long nights fled as they laid their homage on the ground. From the nations they came first to worship this King of the Jews…the Hope of All Nations! Maybe now they could tell their stories...

Angels to the station…don’t let these oldies start or else they will never end. Quick! Slip it into their sleep and send them away on a different way – no, not Jerusalem but go to the nations!

Phew! Now we can relax and sing “Joy to the world, the Lord is Come!”

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