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Refugee Conference Thanksgiving

The three day conference ended on a glorious note.

For me, nothing is more glorious than to feel the presence of God, to witness stories of obedience, joy, transformation and fruitfulness, and to recount the wondrous ways of God in the company of like - hearted fellow believers.

We began the final day with heartfelt worship that reflected our desire for universal salvation as we included lyrics in different languages. This flowed into a time of sharing by individuals from their experiences and from encounters during the conference.

A young man, who admitted to having judgmental and prejudicial attitudes towards refugees confessed how God changed his heart and urged everyone present to show love to our neighbours even as we were prepared to be sent forth.

Two ladies who had spent a year serving at a refugee school reminded us that incarnational living offered moments whereby hearts are opened for love and truth to be shared. Calling each of us to plough and sow into family lives for the long haul. Then an elderly gentleman stood up to share how the many youths and young adults he had met at the conference inspired hope in him with their zeal and passion.

And we heard a stirring reading of Psalm 18: 4-17. These words of David seem to reflect the cries of the refugees, merged with our prayers and empathy for them.

As if to ensure that we were not losing sight of the realities of spiritual warfare, we paused to pray upon receiving news that a team was facing some serious challenges with children suddenly falling sick, and one being bitten by her dog while the parents were away.

Christy then shared Interserve's recent journey. When called upon to helm the ministry, she had serious doubts about the purpose of Interserve since there were so many Mission agencies. But God spoke to her through Nehemiah 2:18, "we will build..." (NASB). With this promise that God's people would arise to own the work and the assurance that God’s hand was leading Interserve, she began to focus on MENA and Refugees.

This conference is a real shot in the arm to prevent us from developing a helpless and powerless stance towards one of humanity's greatest crises. Hearing actual stories from the ground of what can be done and the many wonders of God's ways through willing, obedient vessels would have inspired many to put their hands to the plough. The story of Interserve rounded off with a series of testimonies from those who have come on board the mission. What stood out is how Interserve is a responsive and very personable ministry.

Indeed, we are all refugees seeking home; we need each other to finish the journey, and to finish it well.


Rev. Jenni Ho-Huan was raised and ordained in the Presbyterian Church. Her desire is to live with authenticity and help others develop a vibrant faith-life in their particular circumstances and personalities through developing a strong inner life. Her passion is Spiritual Formation, Family-Life, Women’s’ Ministry & developing the Inner-Life of Leaders. An avid writer, Jenni was columnist for Impact magazine; and has authored three books and blogs. Jenni holds a Bachelor of Arts (NUS), Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Theology (Trinity Theological College).

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