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Imagine being in a hard place where it is perceived as dangerous and the body of Christ has to meet discreetly. A hard place where those who choose to follow Christ have to face persecution and even death. How then shall we bring the gospel into these hard places and embody Christ's love?

With Interserve, we launch workers out to these hard places to make Jesus Christ known. These hard places span across Asia, to its furthest ends, where there is a hostility toward the gospel. We make Christ known by meeting the practical needs of the spiritually, materially and socially impoverished. Wholistic Mission involves the demonstration of God's kingdom in every sphere of life. This incarnational, integrated approach, with evangelism and discipleship as its foundation, is at the heart of our mission call. 


Our Story


It all began in India, when some ordinary British housewives who were expats in India, taught Indian widows how to read, provided basic healthcare and shared about Jesus Christ, in 1852. 




The work gradually spread to neighbouring countries, such as Pakistan (following the Partition of British India) and Nepal, which was completely closed to Christianity until the 1950s (the Nepali Church now consists of over 400,000 people). In 1952, men were accepted as workers for the first time – until then, only women had been allowed to join. The work has spread, and Interserve workers are sent from many countries, including Singapore, England and Wales, Canada, the Netherlands, the US, Malaysia, South Korea, Germany, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland and Brazil.

Our Work

OUR work

Interserve has been around for 164 years. We have 16 sending bases that are collectively sending out over 800 Partners & On Trackers. We are serving in nearly 40 hard places around the world.

The Unseen Quarter

Only 3%  of Christian workers serve in hard places.

The reality is that more than 1/4 of the world has no personal access to the followers of Christ.


"The Interserver realises that each and every individual is a person whom God loves

and who was made in the image of God. There is a diamond there, but the diamond is in the rough.

So He is moulding His love into our hearts, and at the same time allowing us to reflect that love

to the people we serve."

- Patrick Krayer, National Director of Interserve USA

Statement of faith

We believe that there is one God who has revealed Himself to be three eternal persons whom we confess as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


The Father is the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth and He so loves men and women that He sent Jesus Christ to save them from condemnation and eternal death. Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, became fully human and by His sacrificial death on the Cross and by His resurrection from the dead, provided the redemption which saves those who come to Him in repentance and faith. The Holy Spirit continues Christ’s work of convicting of sin and creating faith. He imparts unity amongst God’s people and to them He gives power and love as well as gifts for different kinds of ministry.


We accept that all men and women are by nature spiritually unresponsive to God and are disobedient to God’s will. Each person needs to be regenerated by the Holy Spirit in order to receive eternal life.


We acknowledge that the Church is God’s instrument for mission and evangelisation. The local congregation in its worship, sacraments and fellowship, together with its evangelism and social care witnesses to the love and justice of God.


We affirm that the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is the uniquely inspired Word of God and is the only and wholly trustworthy test of faith and conduct.

We confess Jesus Christ to be the only Saviour and Lord and we affirm His deity, virgin birth, incarnation, substitutionary death, bodily resurrection, ascension and personal return.


Commitment to this basis of faith does not mean a uniformity of belief that excludes different points of view on areas that are not part of this foundation statement. It is recognised that Partners come from churches of many denominations and emphases, but the points on which they differ are less important than those on which they are united. Each Partner is committed to the principle of Phil. 2:5-8. Loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ demands repudiation of both heresy and schism. Thus Partners are committed to an attitude of servant-hood as they join together in a Fellowship drawn from, and in ministry with, many denominations of the Christian Church.


Invite Us To Share

Hear stories from our Partners who are serving the neediest people in the hardest places. Would you like to see how God is working in the nations? Does your cell group need some inspiration and breaking out of the routine? Would your prayer group like to pray for the nations?


Interserve can bring stories and inspiration to your cell groups, lead in prayer meetings and link you up with experienced missions pastors and leaders who can share at your services.

Hear of story updates from Partners, such as:

"I was in the midst of the Revolution. I witnessed that part of history!"

"Thanks for praying, our daughter stopped falling sick at that time when all of you gathered to pray."

"50 bomb explosions for the past 48h,

please pray."

"During the earthquake, I held her hands and said, 'Trust God, trust God.'"

Interserve has inspiring stories to share!

Vision & Practice


Our identity in God shapes our values and operating principles. Love, compassion, grace, holiness and a passion for right relationships are the foundation of our commitment to be an authentic Christian community. Throughout the history of Interserve, as God brought people to us and shaped Interserve, certain values and operating principles have contributed to our distinctive culture.


The following describes who we are and who we aspire to continue to be. (They are not listed in any order of priority.)



We depend on God in everything and for everything. Therefore, we worship and wait on Him, pray and intercede, listen and obey.



God is three-in-one and has made us for community. Therefore, we make every effort to maintain unity, we invest deeply in relationships, and we care, pray for, respect and submit to each other. We are generous and flexible in attitude and behaviour.



We are one in Christ. Therefore we reject all prejudice, including that based on gender, race, social status, culture and biblical spiritual traditions. We rejoice in God-given diversity. Women and men serve in ministry and leadership.



God has called us to participate in his Kingdom work. Therefore, we minister in a spirit of humility and interdependence. We practice participatory, local leadership. We prioritise relationships and partnership with other parts of the Body of Christ.



Our lives reveal the Gospel in word and deed. Therefore, in our lifestyle, work, relationships and spirituality, we are consistent, authentic and honest.



God is reconciling all things through Christ. Therefore, we seek to be and to make whole-life disciples, care for creation and intentionally bear witness to the whole character and work of God through worship, proclamation, service and fellowship.



Jesus came to serve. Therefore, we joyfully serve in love and humility. We make the effort to learn local language and culture. We choose to go to hard places and to the marginalised.

Get to know the board and key personnels of Interserve Singapore

interserve board

Dr Eric Yap

Eric considers himself a local tentmaker - doing research and teaching as a professor in a medical school and serving as a pioneering member of Mustard Seed Community Church. Having a heart for the needy in the region, Eric co-founded a Christian charity in the Philippines. He develops advanced medical technologies to provide healthcare and aid for low-resource countries. Eric identifies with the Interserve mission of caring holistically for an individual's medical, financial and spiritual needs. He is supported by his wife of 27 years, Sharon, and their sons Joel and James.

Ps. Andrew Raman

Ps. Andrew is a pastor at St John’s-St Margaret’s (Anglican) Church. He has been married to Doreen for 35 years. He believes that the Great Commission is the key mandate of all believers and that the greater focus should be on people groups that are unreached. Ps. Andrew’s key decision to serve on the Board is largely because Interserve focuses on people groups that are considered unreached. He has been encouraged that there is a strong emphasis on faith and obedience to where God wants us to be – trusting the Lord in the presence of danger. He is also drawn to Interserve because he has seen many young people attracted to serve God passionately through the organisation. 

Tang Shin Yong
Honorary Treasurer

Shin Yong has been actively involved in global missions. He has served in Wycliffe Bible Translators, Church Mission Society United Kingdom, Healthserve, the Mission Department of the Diocese of Singapore as well as Evangelism Equipping Missions Singapore.


He believes that missions is about hospitality, genuine service and developing greater insights into culture and community. He is aligned with Interserve’s unique character of reaching out to marginalised and disadvantaged communities. He is currently self-employed. He has been married to his wife Joyce for 27 years.

Lim Bee Eng 
Honorary Secretary

Bee Eng, a member of Grace Assembly of God since the 1970s, has been faithfully serving with Interserve since 2007. First, in membercare work to Interserve's current National Director, then as a board member for a stint before moving onto serve Interserve in other capacities. She has been actively involved in serving partners and encouraging staff and board members. She recently completed a course on personnel assessment and membercare. She believes that global missions means letting people of all nations know that Jesus loves them and desires for each one to know Him in a personal way. The wholistic approach of Interserve is what motivates her to serve on the Board.

Vincent Law
Board Member

Vincent graduated with a Bachelor of Theology from Trinity Theological College Singapore and holds a Masters in Counselling from Singapore Bible College. Subsequently, he served in a variety of roles in Harappan Komuniti (HK), an organisation that reaches out to the needy in Malaysia and Singapore. He also served the migrant population through Healthserve. He has worked with AIDSLINK International to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic. He currently does counselling work on an ad-hoc basis and facilitates service-learning programmes and community development for marginalised communities locally and overseas.

He believes that Global missions means the proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom of God and making disciples of all nations until the Lord returns. Interserve’s focus on hard places and wholistic ministry to the whole person resonates deeply with Vincent. He believes he can contribute as a Board member by supporting  the staff team to fulfil the task of our missions mandate.

Audrey Quay
Board Member

Audrey Quay was born in Kuala Lumpur and still calls it home, even as she has made her residence in Singapore since 2010. She practiced tax and corporate law for many years before undertaking theological studies, and continues to be attentive to the pursuit of spiritual formation. Besides mission work (and as part of it), her special interests lie in creation care, technology, and contributing to the Church’s witness amongst marginalised communities. She currently runs a social enterprise located in a major Central Singapore hospital, serving healthy food to healthcare workers and other beneficiaries. She hopes to offer both her marketplace experience and heart for the underserved to her role in the organisation.

Key MANAGEMENT Personnel

Christy Lim
National Director (ND)

The spokesperson for Interserve Singapore, the ND oversees and directs all the Office's personnel and activities. She is responsible for the Office's compliance with Interserve International's requirements and the laws of Singapore.

Siras Banu

The Administrator oversees the day-to-day operations of Interserve Singapore and holds the supportive functions of the Office together. These supportive functions include administration, finance, communications and human resource management.

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