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I Do Often Pray!

It is not often we have our monthly prayer meeting room filled to the brim with people. However, last night’s meeting was well attended. Quietly, we began with a single violin stringing our voices and hearts together. But it is I.D.O.P! I Don't Often Pray, our leader bantered. That night as she recalled, was International Day Of Prayer for the persecuted church! She quizzed us and we learnt the top three nations that ranked highest on the Persecution Indices. The facts on the screen squeezed out many fervent prayers from us! I hope we didn't cause a panic in heaven's upper rooms! Then an attentive silence rested on us as we listened to our sister from across the causeway. She flew over and

Family by Blood and Relation

What is the similarity/meeting point between a refugee, a persecuted Christian and a cousin who came to faith? Family. Let me share 3 seemingly separate stories, and you will see how the family fulcrum weaves all unique circumstances into one. I have been spending some time researching a bit more on the various refugee crises, sourcing for materials to showcase during our Refugee Conference. Honestly the content can be quite an emotional roller coaster. As I paused the video I was watching on refugees, I gave myself some time to breathe, some time to reflect. Then I realised that very often we are fed statistics about refugees, but we do not see the families separated. A family unit torn apa

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