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A Broken Jesus for a Broken World

As I was scrolling through Facebook on the way to work today, I came across a friend’s detailed political analysis on the Rohingya crisis. I decided to read up more on it, knowing that refugees are one people group Interserve Singapore focuses on. I’ve met some Rohingya refugees in Klang, at a ministry that serves nationalities from 50 countries, including Somalia, Eretria and Yemen, just to name some. Yes, just a few hundred kilometres north of us, we have refugees from as far as the horn of Africa. Besides Malaysia, there are refugees in neighboring Indonesia too. The Rohingya crisis is just 3000km away, yet many of us are so insulated from this humanitarian catastrophe. Those who are inte

Good to be in school but….

What lies in the secret recess of the heart of a teenage refugee? How can one who has grown up in a stable and peaceful place fully comprehend the insecurities and frustrations that come with living life in limbo, coping with disrupted dreams and restricted freedom? On most days, students enter the gate with cheerful greetings and smiling countenances. These are the more fortunate students who manage to make it to school, and they know it. Still, there are challenges. One usually spirited 12-year-old boy from a particular community shook his head morosely and replied in a manner beyond his age when asked about his life: “Life is hard, teacher. Life is hard.” His life is confined to school an

The Newcomer

I have a neighborhood friend from Italy. He is married to a Singaporean. He teaches Mandarin! We meet quite often when we are out walking our dogs. He told me he has just sent in his application for permanent residency, and for the third or fourth time. He has no idea when he will be accepted. It is a prolonged wait. He also works at the Italian Embassy and is acutely aware that his own country has a big challenge dealing with illegal immigrants from Africa. Globally, the local neighborhood is changing and newcomers show up in the most unexpected places. Last Sunday, I also heard a bible message from the book of Ruth. Ruth’s story is a story about her move from Moab into Israel. It began b

What Is To Come

When I first joined full time ministry, my cell leader advised me that beyond doing ministry work, I should keep a lookout for what God is doing. This has been one of the simplest yet most valuable advice I have received so far amongst many other precious wisdom passed down to me. I realise that I can slog on and on, but if I am oblivious to what God is doing, where He is stirring, I miss the big picture. And I hate missing the big picture. Over the past year, I have seen how God has strengthened the unity movement in the Singapore church. He is empowering the next generation towards fulfilling its destiny, often pouring out His blessings through our elders. Multi-generational worship is sta

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