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Near and Far

Look out for God-fearing people. They are near. Pray for God-loathing people. They may still be far. God-fearing people are everywhere if we care to look. Too often, ethnocentricity and organised religious dogmas not only keep us from realising who they are but also put these people off from knowing Jesus. A classic biblical example is Peter, the Apostle in Jesus’ innermost circle – a thoroughbred Jew, proud of his heritage and determined to remain as God's most favoured nation. Along with his compatriots, he could only see one way for people to enter the Kingdom of God. They must first adopt his Jewish ways and preferences, but not everyone can do that. Certain groups of people

A Singaporean’s Concern

Recently, our brother Dr. Thomas Lee wrote a letter to the Forum in Straits Times. He was responding to the issue of grades in our education system. In his reckoning we should focus on effective learning not on examination grades. Grades don’t necessary indicate that an individual is an effective learner. Here’s what he said… "We have erroneously assumed that what was true in a bygone era, where colonial education was geared to feed the civil service, is still valid for a diverse economy today. We also mistakenly think that exam scores indicate one's capacity to learn. But we see very few people go on to excel in areas that they excelled in when they were in school. Rather, those who succeed

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