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Friendship First

Friendship First CourSe

This course will dispel commonly accepted myths, unintentional prejudices and irrational fears; opening our minds to the opportunity the church is presented today to reach out to friends of other faiths. 

Many friends from other faiths are coming to know Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour! Our hope is to equip the local church to embrace these brothers and sisters who are struggling, and join them in their discipleship journey.

This is a highly interactive DVD based course, across 5 2-hour sessions on a weekday evening. By coming closer to our friends, we foster a deeper understanding of their culture and compassion for them.

If you would like Interserve to conduct this course for your church members or agency, please kindly contact us at least three months in advance to when you hope to have the course.

Write in to should you have any queries. 

Joining the family

The course consists of 6 sessions with informative teaching and inspiring testimonies of local believers from the near faith and across the world.  We will learn how to better walk with them as family, learn from them and be enriched by their gifts and culture.

For more information, email to

Learning Trail

No two journeys are the same 

Come discover your own trail

Connecting with like-minded people who have a heart for missions

master of religion in mena studies (abts)


Learning Trail
Mentoing Journey

God's big idea

There was a time when Interserve was unusual amongst mission communities in promoting a “wholistic” vision of mission. This is not so today. Read 'God's Big Idea' to understand the missiology and concept of wholistic mission.

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Interserve has been practising wholistic mission since its inception, and sees work and business as part of God’s mission. If you would like to know how your business can add value to the mission field, read up on our strategy here.

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The dance oF interdependence

In Interserve we believe and affirm that women and men of God, are called to equal participation in the mission field. We believe both men and women are needed to express the image of God. Read about God, gender, and ministry here.

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Together with god

We believe that partnership begins with a biblical understanding of the church. Inadequate views lead to misunderstanding, tension and crisis, and these adversely affect relationships within the church, between churches, and with other organisations like mission agencies. Learn more about our desire for church partnerships here.

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