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Refugee Conference: In Tents, Intentional, Intense

The first day of the Refugee Conference 2018 organised by Interserve Singapore introduced the audience of over a hundred to the theme of Tent Cities. Having grown up in Singapore, the thought of refugees is out of my usual frame of reference. I think of people on the run, without citizenship or identity, whose fate lies in the hands of circumstances, or those who find them. So you can imagine the paradigm shift that pastor Edwin Lam (then chairman of the Interserve Singapore board) caused when he reminded us that we too were once refugees, until we found our refuge in God. The objective of our gathering was simple: first, to meet God (and to receive rescue from Him); and second, to learn abo

Refugee Conference Thanksgiving

The three day conference ended on a glorious note. For me, nothing is more glorious than to feel the presence of God, to witness stories of obedience, joy, transformation and fruitfulness, and to recount the wondrous ways of God in the company of like - hearted fellow believers. We began the final day with heartfelt worship that reflected our desire for universal salvation as we included lyrics in different languages. This flowed into a time of sharing by individuals from their experiences and from encounters during the conference. A young man, who admitted to having judgmental and prejudicial attitudes towards refugees confessed how God changed his heart and urged everyone present to show l

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