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I Do Often Pray!

It is not often we have our monthly prayer meeting room filled to the brim with people. However, last night’s meeting was well attended. Quietly, we began with a single violin stringing our voices and hearts together.

But it is I.D.O.P! I Don't Often Pray, our leader bantered. That night as she recalled, was International Day Of Prayer for the persecuted church! She quizzed us and we learnt the top three nations that ranked highest on the Persecution Indices. The facts on the screen squeezed out many fervent prayers from us! I hope we didn't cause a panic in heaven's upper rooms!

Then an attentive silence rested on us as we listened to our sister from across the causeway. She flew over and shared her journey in the last nine months with us. Her husband was rudely snatched from her and her children. His whereabouts till now remains unknown. The perpetrators no doubt were intent on evil. Some closed circuit TV recorded the husband's ordeal. Until now no one is closer to getting the answers to where, what and why? Or whether he is dead or alive.

This man's wife stood among us in peace: a witness and testimony of Christ's love and forgiveness. Forgiving the abductors is hard. The heart still hurts! But it is the way of the Master and as His servant, she confessed, she could do no less. So we prayed together beseeching for a break and release of the beloved servant from his bonds. Our hearts were galvanised by one spirit, and with one voice we pleaded for his safe return.

Closer home, we have a young brother sharing his story of rejection by his own family. We laughed at his humorous account of the twists and turns of his journey in following our Master. From the football field to the field of faith; through rejection and homelessness to acceptance into many open homes; from taking a beating while in National Service for believing to encountering the same bully who had become a believing brother. He too later witnessed God reaching out to his own younger brother. When illness struck the father, he remained excluded, yet loving angels continue to bring messages of peace and love. Indeed God is faithful in every step we take.

Yes, he is still wandering in the wilderness of faith but he is no longer homeless. The world may reject him but the Father above covers him. He is not alone, for he is known by One who loves him and calls him His own.

The Upper Room has many stories and some are still unfolding. But on November 14, the dark and starry night was lit bright with love, life and laughter....

We, strangers and pilgrims from different churches, came, and left as one family warmed by the confessions of love.

I.D.O.P; I do often pray

Thanks and praise to God!

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