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My 5 Loaves and 2 Fishes Trip

This was a 16-day trip. I am very tired but filled with joy. Indeed, it was like living the Word.

Soon Kee is an orphan refugee from Myanmar. He is 18 and he attends a Year 4 class (equivalent to our Singapore P3). He comes to school at about 8am to help out, then goes to class from 9am to 2pm. He works illegally at a coffee shop from 4pm till about midnight. He only heads home after midnight.

Yet he is always early for school, never a word of complaint. He does not fall asleep in class, though he has difficulty focusing. I am like a mother hen, hovering around him, pestering him and helping him with his work. I learnt courage, resilience, and a never complaining attitude from him.

Ban Dong is a youth from Myanmar. He has attended 1 year of school in here. He is now giving back to the school by helping out with the chores. His face radiates with joy, truly an encouragement for me. He loves the little kids, often playing hide-and-seek or catching with them.

On the last day in Klang, I went to Sakun’s house to say good-bye. Her 4 kids, Sakun and I were singing Jesus’ songs with actions. Suddenly, Shamus, Sakun’s husband wheeled himself into the room and started singing Jesus’ songs and doing the actions with us. What a joy! This is the meaning of family!

Whenever the school received any bread, cakes etc, they will share the little that they have with this community.

2000 years ago, a little boy shared his 5 loaves and 2 fishes. Now 2000 years later, the same love is shared and multiplied in this community, and I am part of it.

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