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Leashed Security

These days, my morning routine is to walk our family pet dog in the morning. She was once abandoned. We adopted her into the family to keep our other pet dog company. A dwarf like pet, she is harmless and only needs a cuddle and her twice daily feed. But she has her age ailments. An eye is practically blind. She is a partial visual handicap. She sleeps a lot, so "let sleeping dogs lie". The other is our house watch dog.

A leash gives this oldie a sense of security. Left by herself, she walks in a circle till she stops! She is unsure which way to go. She takes little steps. The leash on her gives her a sense of another walking with her. A little tug, a gentle restrain, and a relaxed leash gives her the general space and direction. It is also an important connection. Sometimes, the terrain is steep, or close to a drain, and even near to dangerous traffic. The leash is essential for quick retrieval and avoiding harm. The leash for a pet is not a slave's chain. A pet is a family member. A slave is an asset or property.

An asset is only as good as it is useful. A pet is loved, not necessarily useful! A private and personal subject of love! The pet is very different from the owner. But they share a common bond or love. Yes, even across species! The leash is a visible symbol of that relationship. It is used only in a harsh and hostile environment. At home, the pet does not need a leash. Here she is safe, with food, water, and peace.

As I reflect, age is catching up on me. Who knows one day I may be disabled, blind, lame, or deaf, or simply sickly? A leashed secure future may be evident and necessary condition for life.

I have a friend with a guide dog. The relationship is reversed in his case. The owner is blind and the dog sees. The leash is the life line and a guide for safe travel.The leash is a symbol that communicates trust and a secure way home for a beloved pet.

Exo 19:4-5 "You yourselves have see what I did to Eqypt, and how I carried you on eagles' wings and brought you to myself. Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possessions,"

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