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INTERCESSION - An urgent, passionate and intelligent challenge!

Students from a public school raising their hands to receive Christ

Harvest time is an urgent season. Farmers know they have only a specific limited period to bring in all the harvest. After the harvest, the rain may come. Or the winter may set in quick. The fruits cannot wait. When overripe they drop and are damaged. Creatures will swarm and consume them. Bats, flies, birds, and rats... all kinds will go for the fruits!

Jesus instructed his disciples to “ask the Lord of the Harvest therefore to send out workers into his harvest field.” (Matthew 9:38) Following this, Jesus sent his disciples out to preach to all the villages in Israel. He equipped them with authority to heal and drive out evil spirits. The harvest He saw was a “harassed and helpless” people in Israel. They were like sheep without a shepherd to care! But Jesus cares (Matthew 9:36). Without adequate care of their body and mind people will die. In our youth, we don't think so but when we reach our later years, just the stresses of life will harass us to death. Diseases of body and mind will overtake us all!

No wonder Jesus sent out workers to heal the diseased and cast out evil spirits!

Praying for labourers is a passionate baseline service. In a tennis game we start serving from this line and must continue returning serve until the game is won. Passion drives us on to pray until the harvest is brought in. The Lord of the Harvest cares. Restoring people to life, health and peace is His mission. He has paid a great price to reap the harvest yet He needs workers to bring the harvest in safely.

Pray for more labourers! This simple instruction is our life direction. We have to answer it with intelligence by volunteering ourselves to intercede for skilled labourers. Intercession is our human resource department for God’s kingdom and it will not end till the harvest is done. Nations need to know the good news. Help is available. Grace is accessible. Interserve Singapore has identified eight regions where people are still in desperate need of the hope and love of God.

We have an urgent, passionate and intelligent human resource challenge: it is called intercession! We need prayer partners, coordinators and intercessors! Join us for our regular intercession for strategic needs in hard places, every second Tuesday of the month! We have identified the needs! Will you join us in prayer?

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