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Rock Flowers Are Wild

Few people cultivate flowers among rocks. These seed lodged themselves in unimaginable places. Humans don't normally tread there. Rock crevices are perilous conditions for humans. A slip or a misstep will mean a precipitous fall and broken bodies and death.

Such are the conditions of rock surfaces in many Central Asia mountain ranges. Only the climbers and hardy ones are found there.

Flowers that grow here are borne by the wind. Their seeds are blown and strewn all over the surfaces. And invariably the small seeds find crevices and ledges and lodge themselves where sufficient soil and nutrients allow them to root and grow. But mountain clefts and ridges have such rough edges. They are harsh for our feet and too small for us to form a mountain track.

But wild flowers and wild mountain goats, small creatures find them sufficient places to make their abode. They are wild, but generally shy creatures who will retreat from human advances. Their enemies are probably nimble mountain cats, and serpents or the sharp eyed eagles. Wild flowers are the vegetation and food for other wild life.

Seen from above they may carpet a whole mountain side with colours for the short summers. They burst forth quickly in spring. In summer and soon after they will fade away. But another spring will see a whole new fresh spread and laid out in full glory.

When I listened to the climbers and the community that lived near these mountains we can't help exhaling a "wow" or a "phew". Words are not adequate to describe such souls that reside there. They have imbibed the wild beauty of the mountains. Their fragility and beauty like wild flowers speak volumes of the strength of the mountains that held them fast.

To God be the glory!

With deep appreciation for those serve in Central Asia mountainous regions.

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