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8.20 PM

Ears were glued to the words that spilled effortlessly out of the mouth of our sister, as she shares her stories and the work that she is doing. A dear sister who serves in a nation ridden with risk and violence. In that quiet room of focused attention, off went a melody that sounded like an alarm from a handphone. Our sister smiled and said “Oh sorry, i think that’s my alarm. I set it at 8.20pm each day to remind me to call in to our security person to report safety, so he knows I’m still alive and not dead,” She chuckled.

Nonchalantly, she went back to what she was talking about. But deep in the recesses of my mind, I had drifted away for a few seconds. I was struck by the ease and grace she had as she said those words. It weighed heavily with a quiet sacrifice that can be missed by many. As she shares about her journey of service to the LORD, she reminded me of the numerous times I heard of God’s servants working in hard places and yet always carrying the joy and strength of the LORD. The way they joke about these hardships and have such a great sense of humour about everything. Such servants of God reminds me of the heroes from Hebrews 11 - the world is not worthy of them. That’s how proud I am of God’s people. In all our brokenness and weaknesses, I am shameless about the hope of glory, Christ in us. Would you set your daily alarm at 8.20pm to pray along with these heroes?

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