Imagine being in a hard place where it is perceived as dangerous and the body of Christ has to meet discreetly. A hard place where the lost who chooses to follow Christ have to face persecution or even experience death. How then shall we bring the gospel into these hard places and embody Christ's love to the lost?

With Interserve, we launch workers out to these hard places to make Jesus Christ known. These hard places span across Asia and to the furthest ends of Asia, where there display a hostility towards the gospel. We make Christ known by meeting the practical needs of the spiritually, materially and socially impoverished people. Wholistic Mission involves the demonstration of God's kingdom in every sphere of life. This incarnational, integrated approach, with evangelism and discipleship as its foundation, is at the heart of our mission call. 




It all began in India, when some ordinary British housewives who were expats in India, taught Indian widows how to read, provided basic healthcare and shared about Jesus Christ, in 1852. 




The work gradually spread to neighbouring countries, such as Pakistan (following the Partition of British India) and Nepal, which was completely closed to Christianity until the 1950s (the Nepali Church now consists of over 400,000 people). In 1952, men were accepted as workers for the first time – until then, only women were allowed to join. The work has spread, and Interserve workers are sent from many countries, including Singapore, England and Wales, Canada, Holland, the US, Malaysia, South Korea, Germany, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland,  Brazil, etc.


OUR work

Interserve has been around for 164 years. We have 16 sending bases that are collectively sending out over 800 Partners & On Trackers. We are serving in nearly 40 hard places around the world.

The Unseen Quarter

Only 3% christian workers serve in hard places.

The reality is more than 1/4 of the world has no personal access to the follower of Christ.


"The Interserve-er realises that each and every individual is a person whom God loves

and who was made in the image of God. There is a diamond there, but the diamond is in the rough.

So He is moulding His love into our hearts, at the same time He is allowing us to reflect that love

to the people we are serving."

- Patrick Krayer, National Director of USA



Our identity in God, shapes our values and operating principles. Love, compassion, grace, holiness and a passion for right relationships are the foundation of our commitment to be an authentic Christian community. Throughout the history of Interserve, as God brought people to our company and as God shaped Interserve, we can identify values and operating principles that contribute to our distinctive culture.


The following describes who we are and how we aspire to grow. They are given in no order of priority.


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