August 25, 2019

On 31 July, various leaders from different churches gathered in an intimate setting to listen and understand through Willy’s personal journey and sharing on how the Singapore church can come alongside those in the last frontier of the Middle East.

Willy, the CEO of a no...

I have been on many mission trips, to many different countries. But I am greatly affected by this Klang trip in November. I have never ever imagined talking to a young trained extremist face to face. Neither have I imagined meeting children abandoned by their parents,...

It was a really quick two months at Indonesia. I’ve grown and learnt so much more than I thought I would. We all have pre-conceived notions on what mission trips are supposed to be like. Or volunteering, or volun-tourism, or how an NGO should work. But things seldom un...

This is the story of Linus. He enrolled for a community development (CD) organization’s pre-school program in 2015 at the age of 6.

When Jane (one of the CD Organisation’s team members) saw him for the first time, she said he looked pale and had yellowish skin. Linus wo...

That morning, Adam and I went for breakfast. We ordered the usual - two bowls of noodles. Our two bowls of noodles arrived; we gave thanks and started eating.

Then this stranger appeared from behind, greeted Adam and sat down beside me. That wasn't usual. It wasn't my f...

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