December 9, 2016

As I walk the land (a country in Middle East), negativity can easily creep in.  When I speak to the locals today, I am confronted with countless problems. From the recent currency devaluation, to sharp decline in tourism and the consequent economic difficulties, to una...

I retired from teaching in 2009 intending to spend my retirement years to ‘fill in the gap”. Those were the exact words that were impressed upon my mind and heart when I asked God “So, Lord, what should I do with my time?”. The Lord has blessed me and my family so much...

That morning, Adam and I went for breakfast. We ordered the usual - two bowls of noodles. Our two bowls of noodles arrived; we gave thanks and started eating.

Then this stranger appeared from behind, greeted Adam and sat down beside me. That wasn't usual. It wasn't my f...

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May 21, 2018

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